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Dr. Caesar Donates Lina energy Tea to Forestry Commision; says it’s a step to prevent pandemic corona virus

The pandemic corona virus has undoubtedly become a global threat to human life.

The plague has killed over 8,009in the world as of Wednesday March 18, 2020.

More than 200, 083 cases have been reported globally. And 82,813 people have recovered from the pandemic corona virus.

Although those infected by the virus have been isolated for quarantining yet no specific medicine has been invented to cure the pandemic corona virus.

Many doctors are said to have had medication for the disease but World Health Organization (WHO) has not approved any of the vacvines as the killer of pandemic corona virus.
In respect, many precautionary measures have been outlined by WHO in order to slow down the spread of the corona virus.

As part of measures to prevent the pandemic corona virus, M.Y Caesar Company Limited has donated a over 60 packs of Lina Energy Tea to Ashanti Regional Branch of the Ghana Forestry commission, Kumasi residents and the Kumasi press.

According to Herbal Dr. Caesar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of M.Y Caesar Company Limited, the continuous consumption of the tea will help boost the immune system to fight against the pandemic corona virus should one contract it.

He said Lina energy tea supplements help to improve muscular strength, boost the immune system, endurance and overall physical performance thereby making it stronger to fight against deadly diseases among others.

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