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Dr Caesar Supports The SWAT Unit of the Ghana Police Service

The president of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, in his addresses to the nation during this pandemic, has consistently admonished corporate organizations to support the state and it's agencies who are in the front line of the combat against the COVID -19. Ghana has recorded 1154 cases with 120 recoveries and 9 deaths according to the Ghana Health Service.

According to the public health  experts and the Ghana Health Service, infected persons with very robust immune systems stand a greater chance to recover quickly. It is in view of this assertion that Dr. Caesar, the CEO of Caesar M. Y. Caesar Company Ltd thought is wise to donate fifty (50) boxes of Lina Energy Tea  and four (4) pieces of brand new vehicle tyres  to the SWAT unit of the Ghana Police Service in the Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters.

Presenting the items to the SWAT Unit at the Central Police Headquarters in Kumasi, Dr. Caesar underscored the Significance of good health for the nation and specifically, the SWAT Unit in the fight against the COVID 19. He further explained that the Lina Energy Tea helps to detoxify the human body by getting rid of metabolic waste from the human system and boost the immune system as well. Also, the vehicle tyres were to augment their mobile patrols.

The Chief Superintendent of Police, Mr. Caesar Abanga, receiving the items on behalf of the Regional Commander, expressed his deepest appreciation to the M.Y. Caesar Company Ltd and assured the public that the items would be put to judicious use to promote security in the Ashanti Region during this pandemic. He also used the opportunity to appeal to other corporate bodies to come to their aid in the fight against the Corona Virus.

Dr. Caesar, in the nutshell,  admonished the members of the SWAT Unit and the general public to observe Social Distancing,  wear Nose Masks and observe the other basic safety precautionary protocols that have been outlined by the Ghana Health Service in order to stay safe from the Corona Virus.

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