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Kumasi journalists given free medical screening

The Chief Executive Officer of M.Y Caesar Company Limited has organised a free medical screening for Kumasi based media folks.

Journalists from both the print and electronic media in the Kumasi Metropolis converged at the premises of the clinic to undergo series of tests at no cost.

Aside having their weight and height checked, the journalists were also screened for Hepatitis B, HIV, diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria and typhoid fever at the M.Y Caesar Clinic not sparing their reproductive, respiratory and digestive organs.

Dr. Caesar’s popular Lina Green Tea was also in rich supply to help boost their immune system.

According to Herbal Dr. Caesar, journalists in the metropolis continue to educate, enlighten and entertain the masses hence the decision to have them screened to be fit to carry out their chores.

The man who is also a renowned dealer in Chinese food supplements observed a good number of journalists are oblivious of the meals which cause them harm hence the need to guide them to avoid the pitfalls.

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