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M Y Caesar Presents Products to Jubilee House in fight against Covid 19

M.Y Caesar Company Ltd. has presented fifty boxes of Dr Caesar Lina Energy Drink to the Presidency as part of its efforts to fight the scourge of the coronavirus in Ghana. 

Presenting the products on behalf of the company, Francis Vorgbe said beverage firms like M.Y Caesar Company are currently investing in immune booster products amid the Coronavirus.

“This is the product for our times giving the benefits it presents to the fight against the Coronavirus. As we battle this unseen enemy, it’s important for corporate Ghana to also deepen their contributions to the fight against the virus,” Francis Vorgbe stated.

Receiving the items, Chief Director of the Jubilee House, Henry Wood, lauded Ghanaians companies for the kind gestures to the Covid-19 Trust Fund estimated at over 1 million dollars.

“In the wake of the pandemic we have seen Corporate Ghana come out in their numbers to contribute in cash or kind, the government recognizes your input and we say thank you,” he lauded.

As Ghana’s Covid-19 case count hits over 6000, corporate entities have all adopted strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of workers and clients. This includes the mandatory wearing of face masks, washing of hands and social distancing.

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