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Rural Communities to receive ‘One Village, One Health Team’, Dr. Caesar

M.Y Caesar Ventures has declared intentions of creating ‘One Village- One Health Team’ as part of a community health service to complement the efforts of the Ministry of Health (MoH) in its quest to offer good health services to the Ghanaian citizenry.

The core value of the initiative is to extend basic health assistance or health delivery to Ghanaians living in rural communities.

M.Y Caesar Ventures which has employed over one thousand Ghanaians since its inception in 2005 looks forward to increasing the number of employees via the ‘One Village One Health Team’ initiative so as to reduce the unemployment rate of the country. “It is a strategy meant to employ Ghanaians,” Herbal Dr Caesar submitted.

He added: “The initiative will complement the efforts of the Ministry of Health and as well assist in the reduction of the high rate of unemployment of the country because a lot of Ghanaian youths would be recruited to the project.”

The service would be rendered in almost all the 16 regions of Ghana, mostly in Ashanti Region, the 3 Bono regions, Greater Accra, the 2 Western Regions and the Central Region where people have accepted and continue to consume Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea.

The project according to the CEO will take effect by the close of the year making the declaration in an interview with the Goldstreet Business Newspaper.

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