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Natural Treatments for Shingles and Herpes

1). Reduce Arginine in your diet.

Shingles and herpes are brought on by an excess of the amino acid Arginine. If you have herpes or shingles, avoid nuts, seeds, chocolate and coconut (coconut oil is OK). If you have one outbreak and never have another it’s ok to eat these foods when you’re not under stress. But avoid them if stressed out, sick, or fatigued. Another food relatively high in Arginine is gelatin. Gelatin can be troublesome for recurring herpes outbreaks. A new kind of gelatin made from fish by Vital Proteins has less Arginine and should be ok. I’m happy to see this new product and have started taking it myself. Remember: avoid nuts, seeds, chocolate, coconut and gelatin. Coconut oil and nut oils are OK as they have no amino acids or proteins. Read more about avoiding these foods here. The tiny bit of gelatin in a vitamin capsule is not an issue.

2). Take Lysine

Lysine is the amino acid opposite to Arginine. It is an Essential Amino Acid, meaning we cannot make it and must get it in food (or by supplements). When under stress, take Lysine AWAY FROM FOOD once or twice daily. One 500 mg. cap once or twice daily works for me if I feel herpes prodromal symptoms of tingling, itching, or burning. You can take several grams a day when needed but reduce when you can so you don’t create other imbalances. Here’s the Lysine in my online store. Lysine is an important bone nutrient so it won’t hurt to take it several times a week. It is found primarily in animal protein so vegetarians and those eating a grain-based diet (like most Americans) will tend to be deficient.

3). Reduce Stress

Stress depresses your immune system. Handle the top stressor in your life and take liberal amounts of our favorite Passion Flower Glycerite to help keep mentally and physically balanced. We sell a ton of this product as it is so useful for anxiety, sleep and keeping calm no matter what the day brings.

4). Vitamins D and K2

Vitamin D is a truly essential nutrient and commonly deficient. We evolved to be in sunshine and require significant levels of Vitamin D for our immune system. However… never ever take D without K2 to avoid risk of calcium in the arteries, gallstones, and kidney disease. I have 2 popular combo brands in my online store: this one and this one. Here’s links to an article and a podcast on K2, the most important nutrient you never heard of! Take D and K2 daily for life and boost it when sick.

5). Calcium and Fatty Acids

Herpes and shingles attack cell membranes to enter and infect RNA. Keeping those membranes flexible help it repel viral invaders. Cod Liver Oil (or gel caps), fish/flax/borage oil and Emu Oil will help. Calcium plays a role too, but never take calcium without K2.

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